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Say Yes To The Dress Special! Live Event Painting: The Allen Wedding

To get right to it, I have been busy as hell! As you will probably notice, blogging has been the last thing on my mind because my calendar has been chock full of painting- I'm not complaining at all 😉 That said, I'm taking a breather from my painting schedule to blog a wedding or two, months after they have happened. It's kind of nice to wait to blog anyway, because getting professional pics from most wedding photographers takes a little while. I love when brides give me the professional pics so I can blog about the wedding and it's not just fuzzy iphone shots that I take in the dark. Without further ado on my end, meet Becca & Cory. 


Note that Becca's dress is jaw dropping. Are you wondering why it's extra dazzling? Cory's mom happens to be Lori Allen, owner of Atlanta's famous bridal shop, Bridals By Lori and star of TLC's Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta. This gown was one of THREE amazing dresses Becca wore for her wedding day. Want to see more of the ceremony dress?? You know you do.

First of all check out the ceremony venue:


I was painting both the ceremony AND reception in watercolor, so this massive sanctuary was my first challenge. I fell in love with the architecture. I had about 1.5 hours to deliver something amazing for the first painting. No pressure! Thank god I'm used to being under the gun- I'm kind of addicted to it, truth be told.





I finished the ceremony painting just as guests began leaving for the reception- perfect timing! PS did you see her cathedral veil and the train on her dress? You can't tell from photos but the lace was beaded all over, and she glittered like a diamond as she moved. I was enchanted! Painting complete!


Next, I followed the slow caravan of guests to the reception, at the ever-so-glamorous and yet rustic Ritz-Carlton on Lake Oconee. I quickly set up in the corner and got to work- two paintings in a night requires a spartan use of time efficiency. Look at the richly textured backdrop I had to work with:






Becca wore my favorite dress of the night- the black and white contrast was SO FUN to paint! I wish more brides would go for black accents, it's so dramatic! Second painting complete!


It was a perfect night- want to see the last dress? I can't help it, it was so wonderful- a powder blue exit dress, with a pill box hat and a skirt that does this:


So congrats, Becca & Cory! Great people, beautiful locations, dazzling details- what more could you want in a once-in-a-lifetime event?


The whole wedding is featured as the season 9 finale on Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta. If you watch during the ceremony scenes, you spy little old me in the corner, painting my heart out 🙂 Pretty cool to work in my dream job AND get on tv- what a life! Here's a short feature on the episode. Thanks for reading!

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