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Live Event Wedding Painting: Jordan & Mike

Fun fact! Did you know that deep in the heart of Atlanta's west side, there is a wedding venue with Tuscan flare and sweeping views of Atlanta's skyline? Welcome to Summerour. It's warm and wood toned and it looks like this:


Is it any surprise that such a cool venue would be the setting for a cool couple? Meet Jordan & Mike, the beautiful people that decided to say "I do" and asked me to paint their first dance.


They were so sweet to everyone, making time to thank everyone for being there, and dancing the night away. Everything was beautiful, and I got the chance to document my painting more than usual because the light from Summerour's enormous windows made it easier for me to document. So enjoy these pictures, I hope this in a more in-depth look than usual at how I create paintings on-site. Here is the angle of the dance floor, and what the venue looked like before it filled with guests:



Jordan and Mike got to see the finished room right after their ceremony. I caught a really cute pic of them inspecting their new wedding rings, I thought it was so sweet and really warmed my heart. I feel really honored to get a peek into people's most intimate happy moments when I'm at weddings, and this is one of those times it felt extra special.



Here is the progress of the painting, by the time dinner began. Tried to get some light and reflection in the floor.


Adding in roof details.


Jordan came over and watched the progress during dinner, I really enjoyed working with so much light and such a beautiful space to document.


Sadly I don't have any photos of the first dance, but that's ok! The painting is document enough! I finished this particular canvas in about four hours, so there was plenty of time for guests to enjoy the painting through the night.




It was a great experience and I'm glad such a good painting went to such a sweet couple! <3 Hope you enjoyed reading, thank you to Jordan for sharing the wedding photos with me. This album is a mix of photos I took myself, and photos by Wittmayer Photographers!

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  • Jordan & Mike
    September 23, 2016 - 12:49 am Reply

    You are so amazing!! We LOVED having you paint our first dance and be part of our day. Your energy and grace were such a wonderful addition to our wedding. Thank you so much for sharing our photos and your work!

    Jordan and Mike

    p.s. Our photographer was Eric Wittmayer 🙂

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