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Live Event Painting: The Johnson Wedding

Meet Nick and Lanie. Classically beautiful, warm, friendly; these adjectives could describe both the bride and groom and their wedding. The venue was the elegant Carl House in Auburn, GA, built in 1908 and full of dark gleaming wood, crystal, a double staircase, and a 15ft high fireplace. Can you imagine? It was a painter's dream. I set up in the ballroom at an angle where I could make sure the huge windows and massive fireplace would be included in the painting. I was a present from the grooms parents and the bride's parents combined, and they announced my painting as a surprise during the father of the bride's speech, which made me blush but also felt pretty awesome. I always love when I'm a surprise.

Without further ado, here are pictures of the beautiful night that was Nick and Lanie's wedding. I love how the painting turned out, and I felt like it couldn't have gone to a better couple. Photos courtesy of The Studio B Photography.








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