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Fashion Illustration: John Hardy at Neiman Marcus Atlanta

I'm playing major catch-up with the blog! Forgive me for the incoming back-to-back posts, but I've starting working three to four events in a week, so the blogging starts to stack up!

Last month, I got the work with Neiman Marcus Atlanta for their John Hardy fall 2014 trunk show. I was hired to illustrate the invited guests, courtesy of John Hardy. If you've never been to a hosted trunk show, you should absolutely go! The people at Neimans were so kind, they blew me away with their attention to detail and generosity while working for them. Invited guests had a luncheon, champagne, and the incredible experience of speaking with John Hardy experts about the jewelry.

BONUS: Meeting the John Hardy staff was out-of-this-world FUN! They are the wittiest, coolest, most interesting people to work with. I was set up at a table near the jewelry, and they would come by and chat with me and crack me up so much my face would hurt by the time a guest sat down to get their portrait. I loved every minute. Here are some pics from the event, just a few that I managed to snap with my phone: 


My set-up in the jewelry section of Neiman Marcus


unnamed copy

Painting an incredibly chic woman at my station. Can I please be her when I grow up?




The models came to watch me paint 😀



Painting another client. She was delightful to talk to. I'm kind of like a haridresser when people sit down to be painted. I tell them my whole life story and they tell me theirs. It's one of the most interesting parts of the job.



One of the portraits.



This was a woman after my own heart. She had red hair, red sweater, red patterned skirt, red shoes, and of course, red lipstick!!



Orange and pink <3 This was what my view was like for all my portraits.



The table kept overflowing with portraits as more and more people wanted a painting. Best problem ever.



Pure glam.


My favorite portrait from the day.

I just want to say thank you to Meghan and Tasha at Neiman Marcus for making my experience so enjoyable and inviting, and to Roberto and Rob and the whole John Hardy team for making it fun!!


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