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Commissioned Portraits


  • Photography Based Portraiture
  • Portrait Miniatures
  • Traditional Live Portrait Sitting

Custom art commissions are a way to preserve and display your favorite images as heirlooms, and blend your imagination with your history. Whether your custom painting is your favorite wedding moment, members of your family, a beloved pet, your childhood home, or simply an imagined image you wish painted, Maggie Smith Kuhn can bring your vision to life. Paintings can go where photography cannot. Take your most precious photos and create something special for you and your family.

Watercolor: transparent paint on paper, where you can see the drawing underneath the paint. Bright and light layers of color generally, archival quality for 300+ years if framed correctly.

Acrylic: Semi-transparent paint on canvas that builds up in in layers to an oil-like finish, a more modern paint. Slightly less expensive than oils, more of a matte finish before varnishing. Archival quality of 100-150 years expected.

Oils: opaque paint on canvas with a glossy glowing sheen when dry. Most expensive paint, colors deepen as it ages and oxidizes. Archival quality of 600+ years.

email iamnotmaggie@gmail.com for pricing.


9x12 inch watercolor portrait based off an old photograph



40x40 inch acrylic painting based off of several photos stitched together



16x20 inch oil on canvas "in memoriam" pet portrait, created from an old photograph.

The tradition of portrait miniatures goes back centuries, when individual people would commission a personal painting of their loved one, something small and private that they could keep on them at all times. Each miniature comes with a black velvet backing and features gold leaf or matte black edging.

Portrait miniatures are the most intimate and special form of portraiture, a painting not to be hung on the wall for everyone, but instead a personal talisman, a secret artwork just for yourself.

email iamnotmaggie@gmail.com for pricing.


Portrait sitting is a practice that goes back more than a thousand years. An artist would come to the home or office of their patron and create drawings of the subject from life. The artist would then take those reference drawings and create an oil painting portrait.

Maggie Smith Kuhn paints you in the historic style, in your own home and surrounded by your most precious things, or in the setting of your choice. Become part of the grand tradition of live portraits. Available in classical oil paint, only.

email iamnotmaggie@gmail.com for pricing.