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Live Event Painting: The Laing Wedding

Meet the Laing family- a group of athletes, adventurers, and comedians all rolled into one. Dana Laing, the proud mom of all these rockstars, happens to also be a longtime friend of my mom 😀 Dana contacted me about painting her oldest son’s wedding, and then proceeded to welcome me into the family with open arms. I …
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Going Viral on Reddit and Buzzfeed- Oh My!

Well, the impossible (and wonderful) has happened! In the course of three days, my healthy little southeastern usa business has gone global, and it’s all thanks to this Reddit post and a follow-up interview I gave to Buzzfeed! Also this morning the AJC wrote about me and my viral explosion, which was a crazy cool bonus. …
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The Blog is BACK!

Hi everyone!!! After a LONG hiatus of having wordpress issues, my blog is finally back! It took a while to get it fixed, but I’m so glad I can write again- I’ll be blogging Christmas commissions, weddings, and new fashion events this month, so be prepared for a host of updates and of course, pictures! …
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