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Live Event Painting: The Laing Wedding

Meet the Laing family- a group¬†of athletes, adventurers, and comedians all rolled into one. Dana Laing, the proud mom of all these rockstars, happens to also be a longtime friend of my mom ūüėÄ Dana¬†contacted me about painting her oldest son’s wedding, and then proceeded to welcome me into the family with open arms. I …
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Live Event Painting: The Cabrera Wedding

Picture this: crisp autumn air, deep rust and plum tones on green grass, and two people so in love that they hardly look at anything but each other. Sound awesome? It hardly begins to describe the Cabreras. Meet Angel and Christina, two lovebirds who probably giggled and stared into each other’s eyes more than any …
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Going Viral on Reddit and Buzzfeed- Oh My!

Well, the impossible (and wonderful) has happened! In the course of three days, my healthy little southeastern usa business has gone global, and it’s all thanks to this Reddit post and a follow-up¬†interview I gave to Buzzfeed! Also this morning the AJC wrote about me and my viral explosion, which was a crazy cool bonus. …
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Live Event Painting: The Johnson Wedding

Meet Nick and Lanie. Classically beautiful, warm, friendly; these adjectives could describe both the bride and groom and¬†their wedding. The venue was the elegant¬†Carl House¬†in Auburn, GA, built in 1908 and full of dark gleaming wood, crystal, a double staircase, and a 15ft high fireplace. Can you imagine? It was a painter’s dream. I set …
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Live Event Painting: The Berry Wedding

On January 31st, I loaded up my easel and gear and headed to one of the most beautiful locations in Georgia and my personal favorite wedding venue, Barnsley Gardens Resort. I was hired to paint two watercolors, both the ceremony and the reception. Doing this is insanely difficult and requires a lot of running around, …
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